Dear all customers, We are informing all the customers that our company does not have any account on and yet we have not created it, so if anyone is giving you information about our company through this website, please contact us immediately.
For the past few days a stranger has been cheating people on the freelancer website, So if you see anything like this, contact us immediately. We have already reported to cyber crime. Contact us now 7066779758/9373194709.
Amidst all business challenges, we have been bothered by farud franchise platform that's claiming to be our franchise arm. Minetreesoftech this the only Minetreesoftech in pune we don't have any other branches!!


Yogesh Bhosale

Hello, Friends, I am Yogesh Bhosale I Pimpri-Chinchwadkar I actually visited this company and saw the nature of all the work, I did not have time due to my own business, I was sitting at home looking for work for my family but some I don't think so, but the company's dealings with all the customers and the customers will get their numbers in front of the staff. I felt the biggest support after the call so I will take my family back to the office and get very good demo details of the work and start work and so far We have been working on software for the last 4 months but without internet so we got enough time to work for the company and every month we earn more than Rs.12000. Sometimes we can't submit a project due to our personal reasons but we agree. The company or management is not to blame, as we have worked to clear our financial needs. We are very thankful to all the members of Minetree Softech Company.

Rani Nevale

Hello, Everyone, My name is Pradnya I live in Mumbai I took a job from this company on the advice of my friend and now I am doing it and I am very thankful to them for giving me this opportunity to earn money every week I am very happy with the support of Customer Executive, technical support, so within a month after I started working, I bought a laptop through the company's laptop offer, and I went to the Pune office from Mumbai. The amount of the laptop was given by check Rs.23400. and it gave very good guidance about the work on the new Android mobile.

Ashish Labh

Thank you Minetree Softech. I am very thankful for your company. But my only request to you is that if there are any customers who have received less money from you, then give them a new job with your proper guidance and give them a chance to correct the mistakes. I am grateful for all your support and the right amount of hard work, so I am very grateful to you.

Mr. Jagan Khunte

Hello all customers, Personally, I have been targeting this company for many months, but it is a much better and more reliable company than the market fraud because your hard work will depend on how you do the job properly and with good quality as well as the company expects. Even though I was working in a big post in an IT company, I managed to make up for some of my financial losses and use the laptop I had at home for good work. And it was a great experience that if your work is very right and accurate, no one can stop you, this is my experience in Minetree Softech because the employees of the company are doing their job, so you also do your job right, because I There are times when customers don't admit their own mistakes but blame the company or management, rather than admitting their own mistakes and moving on. Request the company if possible and start new work.

Ashish Dumbre

Hello, I am Ashish Dumbare, I am a businessman and I have my own AD automotive shop, I am earning as much as I want from my own business, but I visited Minetree Softech to get more extra income from my family. I didn't know much about this data entry but when my family and I visited Nigdi, the main branch of the company, I found a lot of new income-generating tools, and I got some work done. He did a very good job and earned at least 5,000 times as much as he wanted in a week. I would give the same advice to everyone. Not all companies are the same. When I visited, many people were saying that the company does not pay, but if you have done the right thing and maintained the accuracy of the work, then, of course, the company will pay you. I am proud that we have received very good cooperation from the company in each of our difficulties. I sincerely thank you all.


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